Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Afghanistan: US death toll highest since war began

Abandoned by their Commander-In-Chief as the General in charge has begged for more troops, troop morale has plunged. The Taliban are emboldened like they have not been since they were pushed from power.

Obama has been too busy declaring war on Fox than to fight against the Taliban.

Obama has been too busy attending fundraisers. Playing golf and appearing on TV programs to make the necessary decisions to support the troops.

Releasing a trial balloon saying the Taliban could become a political party certainly did not help.

Obama has been an absolute failure as a leader. That much has already become clear.

More US troops have been lost in Afghanistan in October than since the war started 8 years ago.


  1. The Afgan War and our troops burn as the Coward of the Century, Barry Soetoro fiddles....The SOB only cares about his agenda, not the troops.

  2. It has been around 3 months since the request for more troops was sent to the Pretender, although he didn't "recieve" it for a while, uh-huh.

    Meanwhile he has been on how many TV shows? Golfed how many times? Went to how many fundraisers?