Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A simple response to a simple woman

Kathleen Parker, social-climber wrote an article that was carried, among other places, in the daily Houston rag. I am not going to argue with her about the simplistic, meaningless point of her rant but one of the premises.

She states: As the Republican Party continues its pilgrimage through the desert, its leaders may be missing the oasis for the vale of tears.

The clouded woman is missing the forest for the shrubbery. The GOP doesn't need a theme as if it were a Halloween Party. The GOP leaders and RINO's are out in the "desert" because they continue so willingly to ignore their own base. For which the Ditz is a cheerleader as she disses the only right decision John McCain made in his Presidential run: Sarah Palin.

The fact is that the GOP "leadership" leads no one of any real import. The base is made up of conservatives. Something Kathleans lefty wishes would simply go away. So much easier to give liberal advice to the RINO's and spineless "leadership" instead of the rank-and-file who are not easily, and usually not at all, led.

Indeed, if she had been paying attention to the real world outside the beltway....

Dear Moroness Parker,

I doubt that you have allowed yourselves to notice that conservatives are not on pilgrimage through the desert with these so-called Republicans you leave unnamed. No, we have been pounding on the walls of the castle and occasionally launching dead, diseased carcasses inside the city walls.

Van Jones resigned,why? ACORN is on the ropes, why? Fox News is #1 by a huge margin, why? More than a half-million patriots marched on Washington, did you not see any of that? Is your head under the sand? Possibly your burkha is too tight?

We are not out wandering the desert, contrarily, conservatives are out protesting and marching by the hundreds of thousands. The biggest selling books this year will be from Mark Levin and Sarah Palin. Does any of this sound like the conservatives have joined the so-called Republicans out in the desert?

It is just the opposite, oh shrouded lady, we will be coming to your place, the left media soon. They will see and hear from us. Ignore us if you can, but at your own peril.

We are not wandering in the ditzy desert, we are laying seige. Just ignore that big wooden horse we are building outside the gates, thats just our Christmas present. Or is that Valentines Day?

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