Friday, October 30, 2009

The Great Washing

36,000 die every year from normal seasonal flu

Yet the government is preparing to shut down the internets most popular websites in case of an 'epidemic' of the so-called "Swine Flu". We need to face the facts that this will only be a pretext for the Obama administration to shut down dissent. The "Swine Flu" has not come close to passing the regular seasonal flu in deaths or illnesses, all of the panic being created is just part of causing the pretext.

"Never waste a crisis" - Rahm Emmanuel

The leftist media is doing their part to create a panic, but that isn't going well... yet.

If a real medical epidemic did cause people to stay home and put real strain on the internet, I could see them quashing internet streaming video and stuff. Any attempt to shut down news forums like Free Republic would be nothing more than Stalinist though.

If they did that I guess they would use the pretext to move against talk radio and other non-leftist media outlets. All in the name of emergency medical containment, of course.

Last week President Obama declared H1N1 a National Emergency

Then we would stuck with the leftwing old media that is, right now, begging to become government-funded media. Does anyone think we would be likely to get real news and unbiased information or even a real diversity of opinion from the Government Times or the Federal Times?

Its a great pretext for a great opportunity to cleanse the nation of opposition media and you can bet mass protests and demonstrations would be banned under the quarantine rules. All for the sake of "public safety" of course.

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