Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Lie or dare: Racism, Rush and Obama.

The whole debacle of seeing the so-called "news" media latch onto the lies about Rush Limbaugh and running with them without one shred of evidence or fact checking brings to mind some memories from the campaign. The left has to make up lies about conservatives to further their agenda while the truth about leftists remains unreported or played down.

Barack Obama has admitted to being a member of a hate group for 20 years and by all accounts he was a devoted acolyte of Jeremiah Wright. The anti-white, anti-American hate that spewed from the lips of "Reverend" Wright was eaten up by devoted follower Obama. Even when he was away he had tapes of the sermons mailed to him.

Barack Obama, in his own book, admitted to turning away and denying his white side. How often does the media stop to mention he is half white while they call him our first "black" President?

Just imagine all of the digging and reporting that could have been done about Obama's past during those 20 years. Digging that never was done simply because the media is proud to be nothing more than a propaganda wing of the leftist establishment. The actual fact is that 20 years as a member of a hate group should qualify some media in the press when the subject of racism comes up.

Glenn Beck was savaged by the leftist media outlets and faced with a boycott directly launched from the White House itself just because Beck had the temerity to mention Obama's racial animosity. The fact is the media should be backing Beck, for he was telling the truth. Then again the media, holding its hand out for a taxpayers "bailout" is begging to be literally owned by the openly racist President.

Don't you think?

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