Thursday, October 8, 2009

White House betrays America: Obama plays "patty cake" with Taliban

I did not think even Obama could be so low. I was refusing to believe this was true, but its now everywhere. Obama is going to declare the Taliban, the freaking Taliban, to be cool with him. So what if they ran the most brutal and oppressive nation on Earth when they were in power?

So what if they have been killing US troops and others since we drove them out of power?

Now we have a traitor in the Oval Office who can overlook a little thing like mass-oppression, executing women in stadiums for going outside without a male relative escort. Go ahead and chop off heads. Go ahead and force women into burkhas. Treat those girls like goats? No more school for you!

Don't you think its a bit sad that an American President thinks it is A-Okay for the modern day Hitlers to "be involved" in Afghan politics. Can you imagine that election campaign? Do you Barack will stay out of the fray like he does in Honduras and Iran?

Oh yes, cannot forget Iran. They oppressed their people. Cracked down on the protesters and even gave some of them show trials and executions. Nope, the US President is above all that, we just want to have a dialogue with the brutal oppressors.

It is the only thing he has done consistently, want to make nice with all the terrorist and brutal leaders around the world. I cannot imagine a more naive or stupid policy for the United States to follow. Barack Obama is neither naive or stupid, this is about politics. Its always about politics because that is all Barack Obama cares about.

Barack Obama is a leftist. A radical leftist. Just look at who he is appointing to his government and you can see it. He wants to play "patty cake" with every terrorist leader and brutal dictator on Earth. For this he is not going to mind if there is mass murder and mass oppression in Afghanistan, Iran, Venezuela or anywhere else. He just wants photo-ops with their leaders.

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