Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Not shocking, Sen. Snowe votes socialist

Liberal "Republican" Olympia Snowe who routinely votes for leftwing legislation has once again voted with her leftist outlook on politics. She has voted for taxing health insurance, health benefits, medical devices and equipment and to subsidize health insurance for illegal aliens. Apparently she believes that raising taxes will somehow reduce the cost of healthcare, an idea that shows her stupidity.

"When history calls, history calls"

Olympia didn't pick up the phone because history would have told her that socialism fails. Socialism fails everywhere it is tried.

Snowe should just change parties, she would be so much more comfortable with the US Socialist Party along with Bernie Sanders and the Obama administration. I just do not see how she can pretend to be a Republican any more. The Maine GOP should just boot her out of the party, but I doubt they have the fortitude.

Our country faces a never-ending recession/depression and the statists running the country is to spend money like there is no tomorrow. A self-fulfilling prophecy.

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