Friday, October 30, 2009

Too Silent, Too long, So long!!

Newt, Rudy, Huck, Mitt, Issa, Pence and others who are silent or jump from lefty to righty based on who looks likely to win might be nominally on our side but they are not leaders and they are not doers.

If it had been up to them none of us would be talking about Hoffman being able to win this thing. They didn't have a first thought or reaction to back the conservative, they followed what they thought was popular on the side they claim to be on.

We need people who are conservative first. We need people who don't have to think about what they believe and who do not change their opinions after putting a spit covered thumb in the air.

I see very few conservatives who can carry that mantle or even just a label. Mike Pence in this case was a major disappointment. Its over for Newt, "Cross dressing" Rudy might be Governor but he will never rise higher. Mike Steele was a mistake from day one.

Sure its just my opinion, but I think its shared by a very large number of conservatives.

Is Sarah Palin the only one we can count on??

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