Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Coming Retreat

Obama's dithering on sending more troops for the past months has now tripled the US troop death poll in Afghanistan. This is no accident of course. It has become obvious that the Pres__ent wants to pull out and abandon the poor country to the Islamic extremists.

New Rules of Engagement have made it tougher for our soldiers to defend themselves.

Now they are considering abandoning the countryside and "protecting" the cities. Which is not good with the RoE's that hamstring the soldiers in heavily populated areas. Now we should confine them to those areas where they aren't allowed to shoot?

Why does Obama hate our troops?

The point is to create a situation where the Taliban wins, so he can retreat while making America look as weak as possible.

That's right, Obama wants to retreat.

I hope the girls and women of Afghanistan have enjoyed the freedoms they have had for the past several years, I hope the girls learned something in school. Pretty soon they won't be able to go to school any more and they will be forced back in their burkha's.

Trust me. Obama wants the US to lose this war.

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