Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Vice President Joe Biden is right, we are in a depression. That might have been a slip of a very slippery tongue but it is a lot closer to the truth than saying we are in a recovery. We are not in a recovery while jobs are vanshing by the hundreds of thousands. The left is also trying to tell us to get used to these high unemployment numbers, because its going to be here a long while.

At least until the Republicans, I mean conservatives, win Congress again.

The policies of this administration are not going to help the economy, they will cripple it. It will never improve from where it is now if these proposals become law: "healthcare deform", "Cap N Trade" and "Card Check".

Anyone who believes the health care plan is deficit neutral is just deluding themselves, not even the leaders of Congress believe that pile of warm crap. Why do you think the Senate bill, 1,502 pages, now exempts some "blue" states from MediCare premium increases?

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