Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Random Stuff

ACORN threw out Republican voter registrations. I am sure that everyone is stunned and shocked that a "non-partisan", tax-funded operation would ever do such a thing.

But Congress voted to cut off funds, right?

Not really.

ACORN has recieved a $1 million grant that is usually given to fire departments. Interesting that leftists always finds a way to funnel tax dollars to their favored groups. How many right-wing groups actually recieve federal funding?

Rep. Maxine Waters says that "many members" of Congress "suffer" from the same problems as tax cheat Charlie Rangel. I suppose this is some kind of defense. Apparently that is suppose to make it better and we should just all stop worrying if our congresscritters are crooks.

I mean the man only Chairs the Ways & Means Committee, the main tax writing body for our government. Why should we expect him to follow the tax laws? Isn't Congress above obeying the law?

I guess she is right, apparently the House has just voted to quash an inquiry along mostly part lines. With 19 voting present and 3 Republicans voting with the Democrats.

If I hear the media talk about a "double dip" recession again I will scream "we're still in the first dip fools". There hasn't been any stall in "the recovery" because there has not been any recovery. Sure the President and others might pretend there is a recovery in order to try and reassure the sheeple that losing 300,000 jobs a month is hunky dory but the press isn't suppose to follow along like little boot-licking puppies.

But that is what they have done since the beginning. They worship this idiot in the Oval Office to the point where they will "fact check" a comedy skit. It is ridiculous, will they fact-check Elmo next week?

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