Friday, February 26, 2010

Epic FAIL Obama

Interesting. The EPIC FAIL of the Democrats at the so-called "healthcare summit" is a fascinating case of self-deceit. They really thought that all they needed to do was tell sob stories, many obviously bogus and they would win?

The Republicans came armed to actually discuss health care reform, they had page numbers and actual parts of the Democrat bill they wanted to talk about. President Obama casually dismissed the actual bill as a "prop" and thought his rhetorical slurs could win the day.

The Democrats gave themselves twice as much talking time and still managed to say nothing at all significant.

Did you hear that the GDP was revisd "upward"? The bad news is this is all represented by government spending, the actual economy is down. We are all worse off while the Democrat Media will proclaim this as good economic news. Government spending on government actually hurts the real economy of course.

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