Saturday, February 20, 2010

CPAC jumps shark.

CPAC conference was marred by a speaker being shouted down by homosexual activists who are co-sponsors of the Conference and now Ron Paul wins their straw poll. Its too bad that 75% of those who attended did not even bother to vote. They could have had a chance to save the reputation of CPAC.

Come on idiots. Ron Paul is the Lyndon LaRouche of the "Republican Party" which he only joined because the Libertarian Party had no chance to win. CPAC has lost all credibility, it should change its name out of shame. I doubt they feel shame any more than Barack Obama declaring himself a deficit fighter.

The Ronbots and Mittbots were out in full force. What a spectacle they made of themselves and of the conference.

WINNER: Sarah Palin, for skipping it altogether.

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