Friday, February 5, 2010

Fudging the books, Pawning America

Does anyone really believe the unemployment rate is down? The number of unemployed went up but the rate drops?

The government is manipulating numbers again, as it always does. How many people quit looking for work out of frustration? How many stopped getting benefits? These people no longer get counted as unemployed?

The real rate is probably between 16-19%.

Don't expect the government to ever use the real numbers, not even the GOP administrations will do that. The fact is there has been no recovery these past 6 months that we have been told there were. Only the media keeps being stunned by the economic numbers, especially when they are revised to the worst. Somehow they never have to be revised better, probably a good reason for that.

Last years "stimulus" bill is still only 20% spent and much of that will be spent this year, giving the country a fake recovery. It's actually a bubble that will burst sometime in 2011 if not after the elections this year.

Then there is the National Debt being grown at an extraordinary rate, half of this years budget-if not more- is debt. Assuming Congress passes what President Obama is asking for, a really big "IF", they could actually make it worse.

I am not sure if the United States can get out of this mess short of heavily inflating its currency so as to cause a lot of pain to the poor and middle class. Imagine prices skyrocketing, which do we pay this month the electric bill or the water bill? Do why beans or rice for dinner?

The leftist dreams for this country are shanty towns connected by high-speed rail and government control of everything. This country has been hawked in the pawn shop of the world and there is no way we can afford to make the payments.

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