Monday, February 22, 2010

Glenn Beck under attack?

Glenn Beck has stated that he does NOT support a third party movement.

Somehow that has not stopped others from attacking Beck for um... supporting a third party movement? Mark Levin dug up Bill Bennett, a really old has been, to justify his own attacks on Beck. I guess we could say the RINO's are striking back.

Apparently, Mark Levin who has bashed RINO's incessantly in the past is now accusing Glenn Beck of trying to divide the party by... attacking RINO's incessantly. Glenn Beck simply points out that when the GOP has controlled the government they do not cut spending, they do not balance the budget, they do not trim entitlements, they do not defund leftwing radical groups like ACORN or Planned Parenthood.

Criticizing the GOP for its failings is a good thing, they need to be encouraged to change their behavior should they be put into a position of power again. The GOP wants and needs the conservative vote, it is right to make them earn it. They should not get it by default. That is one of the problems with the GOP, they like to stamp out conservative voices of dissent.

Mark Levin isn't exactly demure and shy when he criticizes Republicans, why should he expect obediance from others? Sounds a bit hypocritical to me.

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