Monday, October 15, 2012

Stupid People: A Global Pestilence

Everyone has seen third world countries collapse their economies like Zimbabwe, Argentina and the way Venezuela seems to be doing. We all have seen how fiscally irresponsible Europe and the United States have become. Rushing head-long into brick walls over and over and expecting different results.


France is ready to jump-start economic collapse by electing a President who immediately launched the 75% income tax. You can hear business owners and wealthy individuals scramble for the exits. The result is going to be less money moving around, less money invested, fewer jobs, less revenue and a lowering of the standard of living. It is as obvious as rain.

Then you have the European sovereign debt crisis as countries try to get a handle on the runaway spending. Or at least pretend to. They could easily become Zimbabwe writ large.

You have China, its government knows it is in trouble. With exports down due to the global economic slowdown they did the worst possible thing they could have done. They went on a "stimulus" spending spree building entire cities that lie dormant, massive public works projects. The result is that their hollow-shell economy is cracking like a Fabergé egg being stepped on by a horse.

Imagine that you live in a country under the gun of a hostile neighbour, literally miles from embedded artillery emplacements. You see the world in a death spiral due to unconstrained debt spending, especially spent on the unproductive sectors. Your hostile pal to the north is a "workers paradise" where 99% of the population live in grinding poverty without access to suitable healthcare or even food and water.

Meanwhile your nation is a top-7 economy. Your nation enjoys freedom. Your leaders are elected. Your media is free to criticize them. Your people are free to choose their own education and employment opportunities. A country where 97% graduate from high school.

But somehow, after just a few years of recession you are willing to chuck it all for the "feel-good" notion of "welfare for all". You have to understand that this is how the totalitarian state to your north came to be. You have to know that this idea is unworkable in the long-term. You have to know that this will change your nation for the worst for decades to come, at least.

This simply proves that stupid people can exist everywhere. That people exist who will toss common sense and sanity for catchy slogans and shallow, hollow ideals of "equality" or whatever.

But hardly anywhere will you see such rank stupid on display as this one:

Tax the 1% Rich; Welfare for the 99%

Does anyone really think it is possible for 99% to be on welfare? Seriously? Don't they know that people try to escape from countries that attempt these idiotic ideals? ....

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