Thursday, October 4, 2012

Will Obama bomb Syria to change the topic?

Editorial: DIVERSION: US to Launch Strikes Against Syria?

DENVER, Colorado – After a dispiriting debate performance almost universally banned by media pundits on both sides of the aisle, President Obama rushed off the stage while his opponent basked in the glow of an obvious victory with his family. The President seemed to be in a confused, disinterested mood, not looking at Mitt Romney or the camera very often.

Many of the assertions made by the President were quickly rebutted by the media, such as claims to have trimmed the deficit by $4 trillion when no such planned existed. Indeed in his first term the budget deficits added around $5 trillion to the national debt and interested close to a trillion. His assertion that he cut taxes on small business 18 times was also quickly debunked.

Syrian dictator Bashar Al-Assad has a lot on his plate with the rebellion, terrorism run amuck and Turkey shelling and bombing Syrian position along the border, but he has to be even more worried now that President Barack Obama needs to change the subject from the campaign to something else.

Deflection, Diversion and Demagoguery has been a regular tactic for President Obama every time some failure or scandal threatened to erupt. When his administration apologized after their Cairo embassy was breached, not understanding that not far away in neighboring Libya the US Ambassador was being brutalized, assassinated and dragged through the streets the White House immediately pummeled Mitt Romney for jumping the gun. Then the administration denied there was terrorism involved for more than a week, instead blaming a Youtube video no-one had heard of before.

The debate has been panned by Democrats and opposition alike in the United States, making it the maybe the biggest embarrassment of this administration. Obviously President Obama will stay true to form and change the subject to something else. With his foreign policy in shambles maybe a bombing campaign against Syria's regime is just what his re-election campaign needs. No matter that it could easily become another Libya, Tunisia, Egypt etc where radical Islamists are coming to power. Only the short term political gains are important in this equation.

Bashar Al-Assad should probably be hiding far from Damascus in a secret bunker right about now.

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