Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Political War on Kids and Families

The province of Alberta in Canada, ruled overwhelmingly by the Progressive Conservative Party, has decided to ban home school families from teaching that homosexuality is a sin. That is correct this so-called ‘conservative’ government now wants to regulate conversations between parents and children in their own home.

This is just one of the latest assaults on freedoms. This follows a case where a man was detained and strip-searched because his 4-year old daughter drew a picture of a man with a gun. The school freaked out and defends their action, calling themselves “co-parents” of their students.


The march of tyranny continues to move onward, and not just in Canada either, but right here in the United States. In the US the far left plays hardball political warfare while the other side wants to be gentlemen and be nice. It has been a political slaughter with very few instances of victory for the lax conservative side.

One day Obama announces that insurance policies MUST cover contraception, without any exceptions it must be “free”. This was followed by new rules and definition from HHS Secretary Sebelius ruling that religious institutions and charities are not ‘religious’ (exempt) if they serve people other than members of their faith.

Since Christian and Catholic charities have long-since stopped discriminating against non-members this means they will be forced to violate their own religious beliefs by government decree. Muslim charities and schools are exempt since they exist to spread the faith and are only for other Muslims. Typical, the Muslims get a boost because they discriminate against non-Muslims.

Not only was this new “right to free contraception” announced, but it is the left who are now running campaigns bashing conservatives for trying to take away the ‘right’ to free birth control. The new meme is that it is the conservatives who are on the offensive against an established right or something when it is the leftists who are waging the assault from the beginning.

The left are not good people, as I have previously explained. They have an innate need to spread their guilt to you and everyone else. You think abortion is murder, fine then we’ll make you pay for abortions! You think children shouldn’t be having sex, fine we will have you fund condoms for kids.

Every leftwing radical organization receives funding from you, the taxpayers, while the leftist base is usually among those 47% who don’t pay any federal income tax. Whether it’s National Public Radio, Planned Parenthood, ACORN, La Raza or George Soros own Open Society Institute they are getting federal grants paid for by those they have declared to be enemies.

This is hardball political warfare and only one side has been fielding an army. The battlefield is littered with the corpses of a once free country. Religious freedom, freedom of association and others are all among their targets. We “normal” people have to open our eyes to the fact that the other side is playing for keeps and there is no end to this craziness: the end will be something like North Korea.

The radical left long ago infiltrated the press and schools and now they dominate them to the point where conservative opinions are either totally ignored or assaulted. Leftwing movies out of Hollywood are common as clouds but try to release a movie with a different viewpoint and it will be attacked as “propaganda”, see the recent “Act of Valor” as a prime example. None of the television networks or largest newspapers could even remotely be called ‘conservative’. Yet every survey of national opinion shows that conservative out-number liberals by wide margins.

They also control the public schools across the country. Don’t be under the illusion that your school district is different, it’s not. The curriculum was written and is pushed by the statist left. Their agenda is obvious.

Not only are schools encouraging minors (even in elementary schools) to have sex (shouldn’t that be a felony?), as much a topic that has been but it seems every class has been converted to indoctrinate them.

History is no longer teaching kids what happened. They are teaching kids to analyze and compartmentalize ‘episodes’ of history and leading them to think what the left wants them to think about it. There is no context taught, anything that doesn’t fit the narrative is erased, ignored or downplayed.

The events and topics that are highlighted in the course always serve to distort real history in favor of leftwing agitation. When discussing slavery and the Civil War how many students do you suppose ever learn who exactly the slaves were purchased from? How many students ever learn how slavery existed long before, everywhere, as well as after it existed in the United States?

Nah, teaching students those things would destroy the narrative. They want the student to come away thinking that slavery was unique to the US, that the US was alone in this evil thing. The whole point is to indoctrinate the student. The same thing happens in English classes. They’ll assign students to read novels like the Adventures of Huck Finn, the Great Gatsby and then give tests and assessments that lead them to conclusions about characters attitudes and motivations. Students come away never learning to appreciate literature but to analyze it from a leftwing perspective. This is brainwashing. They are never given a different perspective, they are never taught to think for themselves, and many never learn it outside of school either.

Political warfare has been going on for many decades and yet most Americans do not even now it.

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