Sunday, April 1, 2012

Punishment is Mandated

The USA now has the highest corporate taxes on the face of the Earth, and the Democrats aren't finished yet. Already investment is leaving the country as corporations prefer to build their factories in China and other places. Punishing success at this level will simply make the problem worse and worse as companies move to greener pastures. You can expect corporate tax revenue to keep shrinking.

Obama and Democrats don't care that tax revenues will drop because of high taxes, to them it is about punishing those who work hard not about tax revenue.

Who needs taxes when you can simply mandate that people buy what you want them to buy?

Passed in 2010- unanimously in the Senate, 264-157 in the House the Healthy Hungry Kids Act will now require all students buying lunch to buy fresh fruits or veggies. If they do not want them, they will pay a HIGHER price. A fine, if you will. This will help get the kids use to being told how to spend their own money.

Soon, the government will write your shoppng list. Maybe they will force people to buy birth control and condoms for their kids? Who knows where this would end? Some idiot on NPR was talking about how thee government should decide where the wealthy donate their charity.

It's insane.

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