Monday, April 2, 2012

Lone Knight Don Quixote Gingrich

It was impossible to take the midnight ride of Don Quixote Gingrich seriously, the lone knight on his trusty steed followed by the longest caravan of baggage carts in the history of the round table.

"Oy, there be a windmill" he would say "I should tippeth thee, and I shall tippeth thee verily. Then I shall tippeth the same windmill day after day until I have tippeth all of them!"

Months later, tired and haggard he continues his quest nontheless.

"Yes, I have lost 28 of 30 battles but I shall never fail. I will be victorious in the end"

A massive crowd of four listened to his speech, when upon completion a child asks "So, this isn't a circus then?"

"Onward to victory!"

As the lone knight Don Quixote Gingrich vanishes over the horizon into the sunset and the long long long caravan of baggage carts continues to pass the village the little girl looks up at her father "I don't get it?"

"Nobody does any more, sweetheart" he answers

A neighbor takes off his hat and scratches his head and comments "I heard he was once the leader of men, but kept getting swamped in trivial details"

"Ah, yes." the father answers "He once won a great victory, long ago, but little came of it but fanfare"

The baggage carts continued to roll by.

"Now he goes, leader of donkey carts" the little girl says

"That is sad" her father says

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