Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Stupid pro-abortion arguments

Of all the arguments for abortion used by the babycide crowd the ones that are the dumbest are things like...

"Don't be so judgemental" You know, like whats a few million dead babies between friends and neighbors? I guess as a society we are much too judgemental about murder, rape and theft too. I am sure we can all come together in peace and harmony, if we just didn't let a little baby butchering come between us.

Your just being "morally superior". I guess, once again, the same can be said of murder, rape and armed robbery. Who are we to judge? Are we really holier than thou?

Or the ever popular "You aren't personally invested", like why do you care?

As if the same argument can't be made about almost every other crime on the books. It doesn't affect you, you should mind your own business. So what if 7-Eleven is getting robbed, how will that effect you?

But of course, as a society, it does affect us. That is why we have laws, because its not okay and it does affect everyone whether we feel it immediately or not.

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