Sunday, June 13, 2010


I do not intend to continue posting to this blog, but I guess one never knows. I intend to use its blogroll though.

oh and is a gay commie porn site that specializes in beastiality


  1. I liked this blog.

    I understand 100% how you feel. I got accused of harassing others on FR in 2006 even though I never did. But the place has changed too much for me to return though: there are too many people who want to return to the 1950s America that was normal to them (this day and age is worse than the 1950s, I will give them that) and not the time before FDR's and Wilson's 'reforms' and laws like the 1934 National Firearms Act (Switzerland is a fine example that people can be responsible with military-grade equipment).

    FR has a good intention, but is just like any other political forum at heart.

  2. Somehow my joke about them being a gay commie porn site has offended them too. A site where there is a board for posting pictures of naked women is offended by that joke?

    That makes no sense, sounds like a stretch to me. They just want to justify it now. They won't be able to.