Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Libel Media Lies

The Washington Post has no qualms about printing lies for its dear leader. Repeating the words of a man with no fact checking, or rather knowingly printing propaganda lies as facts.

It is just inconvenient that the internet exists sometimes.

The Tucson Sentinel reported on January 9th that Rep Giffords was opening her eyes and responding to simple commands.


  1. I found it rather interesting to keep track of which way the lefties ran to blame.

    Krugman, the JournoLista Commissar, blamed Palin. Those lefties who blame Palin one could consider to be JournoLista faction.

    Hanoi Jane blames Glenn Beck.

    Sheriff whats his name blamed Rush Limbaugh.

    It is like a psych test ... which leftist faction are they in ...

  2. That is a very interesting observation. Who is the biggest bogeyman for the libelists?

    It just seems as if Big Brother has declared Sarah Palin to be their Goldstein.