Tuesday, January 11, 2011

"Lie Down and Take It" says Congressman

Representative Dan "Joe" Dirt along with Peter "the King" Piker have introduced a bill into the House that would require all Americans within 1,000 yards of a "high federal official" to lie prone and avert their gaze. They will be forced to lie face down in order to guarantee the safety of the federal official.

"In the wake of the tragedy in Tucson, where it has been shown that we are in danger of peasant uprisings, it is incumbant upon us to put our subjects in their place" said a member of the House RINO Party Cacas.

Other bills would deem the first and second amendments to the Constitution to be have been repealed. "This event proves beyond all doubt that the average person cannot be allowed the luxuries of free speech and possession of a firearm".

Members of the Democrat elite have applauded these RINO's proposals as a step in the right direction. "Keep this up we might even praise them on 'Face the Nation' but let them keep trying" said one leading Democrat.

"Just an approving glance from a member of the Liberal masters is thanks enough" one groveling House Speaker said, crying profusely.

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