Monday, March 7, 2016

Frauds love their fraudster-in-chief


Donald Trump is a rude and arrogant narcissistic con-man. Donald Trump is many bad things, he is the embodiment of every stereotype of a Hollywood bad guy, villain and heel. Yet, as bad as he is Trump is not the biggest problem this country has.

It is the dumb and ignorant people who support him that are the bigger problem. You see, when Trumpismo finally crashes and burns to cinders, the slavishly loyal sycophants will still be around. They won't suddenly get a clue and become normal again. No, once riled up the masses of stupid people will stay riled up. Blame inertia.

Donald Trump lies and casts false aspersions like he breathes. So do his worst followers who think nothing of making up and happily spreading the most base of lies about anyone who dares raise a concern about their new lord and master. Truth, facts, history, logic, common sense... none of these things are very important in their battle against reality.

Once upon a time they pretended they liked Ted Cruz, he was swell guy. Often they pretended they could support either for President. Knowing their guy had no legitimacy in conservative politics (for good reason) they commonly used them together “Go Trump! Go Cruz!”. They did not mean it, of course, it was just politically expedient.

Of course when anyone else threatened to get good poll ratings the knives came out. Carly Fiorina was called “ugly” (she is a cancer survivor and she is proud of her scars), then Ben Carson became “psycho like a child molester) when he pulled up to Trump in polls. You might remember the 9-minute ranting of the madman Trump as he drove the stake into the Carson campaign. Ben Carson would never recover.

Jeb was always a useful punching bag.

Now finally we have Ted Cruz coming into the cross-hairs of Trump. The same Trump that declared Ted eligible to run for President during a nationally televised debate, saying that he had his lawyers vet the Senator and all was good. Suddenly, Ted Cruz is not eligible, he barely walked over the border from Canada from the slanders thrown at him. These eligibility suits are being thrown out now.

His sycophantic followers picked up his torch. They basically accused Cruz of being a supporter of the New World Order. Actually, Ted Cruz had fought against the world court and for US sovereignty and won at the Supreme Court. Medellin v Texas is the reason that the Hague is not extraditing Americans.

Then they attacked Heidi Cruz for being a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and that she supported a North American Union. Actually she wrote the dissenting opinion, opposing the North American Union. Meanwhile their guy has tapped the head of the CFR as his foreign policy guy, and not a peep from the Trumpistas.

They took a loan from Goldman Sachs, secured with their own money, to partially finance Ted's original run for Senate. Which was promptly repaid. Their guy owes billions to banks and even owes tens of millions to business partner George Soros. The truth does not matter to these people, not one bit.

Then they try to accuse Ted Cruz of wanting federal regulation of home schools. They know this is a lie from the start. They just do not care. Telling lies is all they have. They know Senator Cruz wants no federal involvement in education, not even in government schools. Senator Cruz has been endorsed by many home school groups because they know he is one of their biggest supporters and defenders.

Lately they try to claim that the Senator tried to block aid to Flint, Michigan. Whether or not this is a matter for the federal government, this accusation is just as untrue as all the rest. A slight delay in order to read the bill is not an attempt to block it.

It should bother them, well or at least sane people, that bills are passing unread!

Of course to sane people, not the Trump tribes, truth-facts-honor-decency and other good things still matter! Just because they are supporting a sleazy con artist who waves around fake faxes from the BBB to pretend his lie is fact, doesn't mean it's fact.

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