Friday, March 11, 2016

Failure of the crowdfunded candidate


The Donald Trump pre-release beta received wide praise and caused excitement at the press conference where it was pitched to the potential customers. Since then the product has not exactly come along as it was originally promised. It had a catchy title and a slogan, re-purposed from the days of Ronald Reagan, but nothing much else.

It was promises and the dreams of what it might become that caused people to buy in and invest their heart and desires into Donald Trump. The new and improved Donald Trump would be “anti-establishment” and “conservative” and he would “Make America Great Again”. What could be better than that?

Sure there was Ted Cruz, who was all of these things, and had an actual record to prove it, but he was not as flashy and promoted as the Donald Trump pre-release beta. Since then there has been no real improvement in the Donald Trump beta, except it has gone from Trump 0.0.1 to 0.0.4. Meanwhile the Ted Cruz product has shown to be very polished and has been operating smoothly.

Last night Donald Trump version 0.0.5 was showed off at another televised debate. Even a niche product like Kasich ran rings around this flawed version. Trump version 0.0.5 is even more buggier than the first pre-release version. Violence breaking out at Trump rallies, which the candidate thinks is no big deal and even offered to pay for the defense of his violence-prone minions.

One of the biggest flaws in the whole Trump program is the lack of specs and a help file. In the past we have had sketchy candidates that went this way and that because they had “too many chefs in the kitchen” but with Trump the hemming and hawing probably comes from having no chefs in the kitchen.

The product is flashy and showy, but it is not as advertised. The product is not anti-establishment and has assailed Ted Cruz for having no friends in the Senate (not my job or purpose to make friends in the Senate, Ted Cruz responds.), he has attacked the Senator for not making deals and compromising his principles to “get things done” (you cannot get more establishment than that). The product is also not conservative, see the candidates adamant defense of Planned Parenthood, which the campaign now reluctantly admits (although they will no doubt switch back to their old ways).

Donald Trump version 0.0.5 has more bugs than features. In fact, all of the features are just promises of what will come in the future. It will be great, tremendous, it will be the best product ever imagined, you will love it, trust me on this they keep telling us. The candidate keep making the same promises and speeches while denying there is a problem. How do you fix a problem if you deny there is one?

Unfortunately, far too many opted to invest in the product. They pin their desires and their fervent hopes on its eventual final release version, despite the real doubts this can ever happen. Even the bloatware that is Senator Marco Rubio has a better product, even if they have to spend ten times its value advertising it and getting little return. Yet Rubio runs rings around the immobile Trump as he stands there haughtily staring out into space.

Far too many people refuse to believe that the promised product called Trump doesn't exist and will never exist. They have already invested and refuse to see the reality of the situation: Trump is not going to happen. Trump is not going to improve. Trump is more malware than anything else.

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