Sunday, March 6, 2016

PRIMARIANS (No Trump Junk Edition)


I found it funny. With all of the parallels to Hitler the last thing the Trump campaign needed was a very photographic moment of exhorting the crowd to pledge their loyalty to him with their right hands in the air. Almost nobody had their right hand straight up, if you know where I'm going. They all mimicked the 70-year old Trump who probably couldn't hold his hand up straight, he was probably very tired by then.

The imagery though. Wow.

Donald Trump got his rear handed to him at CPAC and in the vote in Maine and Kansas. In Kansas he lost to Ted Cruz so bad, that he had half the vote or less of his opponent. Donald Trump barely eked out wins in Louisiana and Kentucky. It is very clear he would not be winning primaries like these with candidates like Marco Rubio and liberal Kasich splitting up the vote.

This did not stop Trump from demanding they drop out and allow him to face Ted Cruz one on one, something he had declined not too long ago. Maybe he was drunk. Trump might have the upper-hand in the March 15 states, with or without the additional candidates. Polls have showed Senator Marco Rubio second in his home state of Florida and polls show that Governor Kasich does well in his home state of Ohio (and Michigan)

Even if Trump wins these states and 165 additional delegates, he will be far from having the nomination in the bag. In fact the establishment which doesn't like Trump or Cruz seems to want a brokered convention more than anything. Possibly the establishment promised Rubio-Kasich spots on the ticket to stay in the race?

I suppose we will now find out whether Rubio is really more anti-Trump or establishment. If his main goal is to stop Donald Trump, he should drop out now. Without making any deal with the Cruz campaign. Personally, I don't think he would make a good Vice President choice for Ted Cruz with his support for amnesty and sugar subsidies and his general squishiness. He doesn't appear very popular in Florida, so he would add nothing and might even hurt Cruz as VP.

Meanwhile we learn that Trump was waving around a fake fax to support his lie that the BBB gave Trump University an 'A' rating. The BBB doesn't have current rating for defunct enterprises, did not send the fax and the last known rating for Trump U was a 'D'. In other words Donald Trump was parading a fraud as if it were the most natural thing in the world to him.

I think that says a lot about Trump. Even when he wrong he will double-down, triple-down and produce fraudulent evidence of his lie being true. No wonder he doesn't think he has ever done anything wrong in his life. He has no concept of being wrong, as if it is not possible for him to do wrong. He is too God-like to be wrong, in his own mind.

Trump, a lifelong self-promoting funder of liberal causes, continues a campaign without substance, without ideology and without any principles. The only campaign theme that has surfaced is Trump's call for America to become more greedy. “Take, take, take and grab, grab, grab.” This is the Trump manifesto if there is one.

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