Saturday, March 5, 2016

Trump, the National Vulgarian


So, Donald Trump doesn't want to keep associating with those horrible, pesky, icky conservatives at the CPAC convention. I am sure there will be some lame excuse. Some kind of conspiracy theory no doubt to explain that shadowy forces are at work for nefarious purposes. Balderdash!

At the last debate Donald Trump expressed a softer line on immigration, only to retract it the next day.

At the last debate Donald Trump stridently and unapologetically supported torture of our enemies and of slaughtering the innocent wives and children of terrorists. This is not just plain evil, it is in violation of the Geneva Convention, an actual war crime. When told that some soldiers might refuse such unlawful and horrifyingly evil orders he responded with a veiled threat saying they will definitely obey him.

So Donald Trump left us reeling and wondering if our soldiers were going to commit atrocities for the greater glory of Trumpland for the new emperor. Would we someday have to watch New Nuremberg trials? Okay many of us were also having nightmare of him expressing confidence in the size of his hands and private parts. Hardly something any serious candidate for President would say, but totally in character for third world dictators.

Invading foreign countries for the sole purpose of taking their oil (and other resources) is also a part of Trump's nationalistic rhetoric. His governing philosophy that the government must be greedy, that it must take, take, take, grab, grab, grab comes clearly into play. Insanely and shockingly this all starts to sound like an actual cohesive world view, with parts that fit together. Not that it is something we would want to hear from one of the leading Presidential candidates.

Donald J Trump, most assuredly not a conservative and most obviously not an outsider, probably has good reason for not wanting to explain his whole political philosophy in one sitting. I am starting to think it would be one of the more repulsive manifesto's ever put into one place.

At the last debate Trump also explained that he'd likely get his foreign policy chops from the Council n Foreign Relations. Which is kind of funny. Many of his supporters have weaved fabulous conspiracy theories involving a CFR that wants to dominate the world and that Ted Cruz is one of their puppets. The same Ted Cruz that helped argue the case of Medellin v Texas which stopped any jurisdiction the World Court would have in the US without our government saying so.

So, the Trumpnauts have decided that the only candidate in the race that has defeated the New World Order is somehow part of the New World Order conspiracy through the CFR. Meanwhile their candidate, Lord Trump, is praising the CFR and talking about making it part of his team. This, of course, does not phase his insane supporters one bit. It doesn't bother them. Lord Trump is strong and he can associate with the CFR without the stench clinging to his ties!

Just like the many lies he tells doesn't bother them. Lord Trump is not only above decency and ethics, but he is also above truth. If Lord Trump tells a lie, it becomes truth! This is how strong Lord Trump is.

Meanwhile the Trump that claims not to know who David Duke is, has apparently given media credentials to a white supremacist radio program and Trump Jr gave them a 20-minute interview, airing sometime Saturday. I would love to see a transcript of that.

The Short-Fingered Vulgarian Nationalist ditches CPAC and moves onward, ever onward, in his campaign to destroy the Republican Party.

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