Thursday, March 10, 2016



It is good to see that some former candidates are starting to see the grim reality that is the Donald Trump candidacy. Although it's pretty late. Rick Santorum, Lindsey Graham and Carly Fiorina have all come out and endorsed Ted Cruz for President. In the case of moderate Republican Graham, this was very reluctant indeed.

Most supporters of Ted Cruz like his uncompromising conservatism, but the “establishment” Republicans really hate a man that cannot be bribed or bought. Their instinct probably tells them to keep propping up Marco Rubio, but his dismal primary results will make it virtually impossible to even hand him the nomination at a brokered convention.

Donald Trump and his supporters are always talking about polls. They are obsessed with polls, except the ones that show Hillary squashing Trump like a bug in November. 64% of Americans have a negative view of Trump, according to polls. Democrat cross-overs playing “operation chaos” are the only reason he has won in most of the states he won.

Many Republicans will make a protest vote against Trump in November. There is nothing about Donald Trump that is Republican, much less conservative. A lot of conservatives just won't be able to bring themselves to vote for a man who shares none of their values or core beliefs.

A new NBC-Wall Street Journal shows Hillary Clinton would beat Donald Trump 51% to 38%, and this is before the media really start going after Donald Trump. If he wins the nomination, I think the media will savage him with stories that show his corruption and delusions as clear as day. I also think that Trump would drop out and blame the media for it.

There is no way this narcissist, who says he has never made a mistake, would sit there while his corrupt past is dragged through the mud. His liberal history is shown to the voters. While the children of mobsters go on TV to talk about having birthday parties on Donald's yacht. While retired politicians and others discuss the back-room deals they made with Trump. While his past business failures are highlighted day in and day out.

Trump cannot handle even the slightest criticism. He will produce bogus evidence, like the BBB fax, or the table full of fake Trump steaks, to back up his lies. The media laughs this off right now, but they will call him on it in the general election. He will double and triple-down on mistakes instead of moving on. He will continue to say stupid things about his hands and nether regions on national television.

I think, if he doesn't drop out in the middle of the campaign, he will be lucky to get that 38% that he polls right now against Hillary Clinton. Not only will that mean a dramatic loss for the Republican Party, in a race they should have easily won, they will face major losses in the House and Senate and state legislatures.

Not only would it be a banner year for the Democrats but for the Libertarian and Constitution Parties as conservatives and liberty-minded libertarians abandon the GOP. All of this because the Republican Party was stupid enough to allow open primaries. It was bad enough to let the liberal media influence the nomination, now we have millions of Democrats coming over to nominate the biggest loser.

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