Sunday, February 28, 2016

Ted Cruz vs Donald Trump (No Contest)

February 28, 2016

Since 2008, and even long before, the conservative movement has been longing for another Ronald Reagan. Someone who can represent the best elements that conservatism has, all in one package, and can unite voters from across the right-leaning spectrum.

The conservative movement has not been very successful in breaking through the left-wing media monopoly in this country, or its control of much of the culture, to elect conservative politicians. Instead the Republican Party has tended to discount conservatives and placate them with nothing but talk through election campaigns. We have seen this time and again.

Ted Cruz is the real outsider. Even as a Senator he was far outside the Republican leadership. He had defeated a sitting moderate Republican Senator David Dewhurst, a friend of the establishment.

In 2012, and the election of Ted Cruz, brought a full-spectrum conservative warrior to the United States Senate. His battles and victories in front of the Supreme Court such as his taking a part in the Heller case on gun rights, he helped win a case involving the 10 Commandments (Thomas Van Orden) and also along with Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott beat back the World Court and protected American sovereignty while keeping heinous killers locked up in Medellin vs Texas.

This reputation got Ted Cruz past the vicious attacks of Dewhurst and his Texas Conservatives Fund PAC. If only Dewhurst had fought the left as hard as he battled Ted, maybe something different would have happened.

While in the Senate Ted Cruz fought against Barack Obama, the left and even the Republican establishment. He fought lonely battles against ObamaCare and other outrages while the rest f his own party did nothing. Most Republican members of the US Senate do nothing but talk about opposing the left while doing nothing of substance.

He led the charge for tough new immigration laws and battled Marco Rubio and the Gang of 8 that tried to position itself as a “centrist”, middle of the road alternative. Although only a few conservative Senators exist they managed to fight long enough for the American people to see and hear what the Gang of 8 was peddling, otherwise it would have passed before we knew what was really in it.

In fact, the Republican establishment truly hates Ted Cruz more than they hate Barack Obama. The GOP establishment wants to get along with the left, making DC into one big club. It is those few pesky conservatives that keep getting in the way. It is no surprise that establishment Republicans would flock to candidates like Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio, who get along with Democrats.

Enter Donald J Trump. The billionaire has been a longtime supporter of the left. In fact he has donated to many of the most liberal Democrats. He claims to donate to “both sides” but the facts show he has only donated to liberal Republicans, some of whom have since become Democrats like Charlie Crist in Florida. In fact he only seems to donate to people like McConnell and Boehner when they are challenged from the right in primaries. He is no outsider.

Donald Trump has boasted about buying political favors from politicians. In 2014 he donated to Rahm Emmanuel's mayoral bid who had served as Barack Obama's Chief of Staff, and later received millions in tax breaks from the city.

Donald Trump has boasted about his numerous affairs. After her death he claimed he could have “banged” Princess Diana. In truth, she had found his advances to be quite disturbing. He also once told a journalist he could take his wife away. His present and fourth wife is a former porn model.

On political issues Donald Trump has been all over the map, often changing positions completely in a single day. Even his signature, ever-morphing, proposal to expel illegal immigrants and build a wall along the southern border rings hollow when one reads the fine print where he promises to let the “good ones” back in. his first position on Syrian refugees was to let them come to America but within a short time this had changed to being a very anti-refugee position.

Donald Trump is clearly still a liberal. His first instinct on every issue has been liberal. What comes afterward is all political expediency. Even his rallying cry of being an outsider has morphed to being a deal-maker who can negotiate with the Democrats and “get things done”.

This is exactly the attitude of the establishment.

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