Friday, April 22, 2011

Blondes and Redistribution of Pies

Obama announcing that his administration will investigate oil prices is a huge joke, his policies were meant to give us high oil and gas prices. This is pure deflection of the most preposterous kind.


Some on the far left have gone so far off the cliff they believe that wealth is not created or destroyed (consumed), only distributed (by the market or by government). In other words they believe existing wealth is moved around, never created or destroyed.

This logical fallacy (lunacy) is not at all hard to follow. Let us say the economy is made up of pies. Since now wealth is "pie" these... let us call them "blondes" believe that pies are not actually created or consumed.

Therefor the bakeries are exploiting the working class by theft of pies value by producing more pies. So they want to shut down the bakeries and redistribute the existing pies "fairly" making sure that everyone has "their fair slice" whether they actually earned it or not.

Well, of course, pies are always being eaten in reality. Citizen A has to feed his kids but if he has a job he now has to feed his kids and feed Citizen B too.

Sooner or later you start running out of pies to redistribute and the desperate tyrant will have to find enemies to deflect the blame for their own policies (capitalists, imperialists, foreign enemies, domestic enemies, "price gougers"). They will make announcements to the people that pie hoarders and pie gougers will be made accountable, set up "Blue Ribbon Panels", investigations in order to distract the populace from the rumbling in their bellies.

All of this comes from the logical lunacy that pies are wealth in and of themselves, instead of the bakery (production).

Then there are blondes who think that labor in and of itself is the measure of value. Under this scenario cutting the lawn for 2 weeks with a pair of scissors is more valuable than mowing it in a half an hour with a mower.

Digging and filling in holes in the ground is worth what? In reality: nothing. To these blondes it's apparently more wealth-creating than the man who starts a business working at a desk.

There are many variations of blondes, one as dumb and insane as the other. All live in deep denial of reality.

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