Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Emperor's New Clothes

So, the MSM is reporting that Obama will propose a $300 billion spending binge on Thursday. Well, if a trillion did squat what is this going to do?

This is politics, not economics. You can count on that.

Just like when the debt ceiling thing happened and the MSM and left declared it a "TEA party victory" even though the TEA Party opposed the deal more than any other group, it was for the sole purpose of blaming them for the debt rating being cut because they knew it was going to happen. All those letters to the editors attacking the TEA party for the debt rating were well prepared too.

This $300 Billion is not their "real" proposal, you have to know that by now.

Watch for members of Congress to start complaining that it might not be enough (this is planned too, they already know what he is going to say) and Obama will keep announcing "new ideas" to stimulate the economy all fall.

The MSM will probably do everything they can to make it look like Obama is the "idea man" and Congressional Republicans are simply a "roadblock". Meanwhile the Democrats will have doubled or tripled this $300 billion by the end of October as it "moves through" Congress. It will be built up as another emergency measure that has to be done or we are doomed. (Like TARP and Stimulus)

Meanwhile Obama will be on tour meeting with "business people" and "workers" and announcing new spending programs and "jobs tax credits" and other useless and worthless things. Finally he will make the big push for the Infrastructure Bank that will be "independent" of "political interference" that will have the authority to spend every dime on God's green Earth that will ever exist in the next century without oversight. It will be the biggest slush fund ever. If you think the "weatherization" program that spends $20 million in Seattle and weatherizes 3 houses is criminally wasteful (and that is just one city, btw, where is the money really going? Why have their been no House Committee investgations about these things?) you ain't seen nothing yet. Multiply that by 100 and think about whose piggy banks that money is funneled into.

So by Christmas the GOP will have thoroughly been painted, tarred and feathered by the MSM and Democrats as standing in the way of a better economy.

That is their plan I would bet. It's not like its not pretty much the same old playbook. It's easy to see this coming, just like the debt ceiling deal when they started crediting it to the group that opposed it the most, I knew exactly that we'd been had.

The left is very predictable.

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