Wednesday, September 28, 2011


A seminar caller to the Rush Limbaugh Show said we needed another stimulus program to fix potholes.

Here is what I would have said in reponse:

The last trillion dollar stimulus program didn't fix those potholes did they? What reason do we have to believe another trillion would do the job? It won't.

The first "stimulus" was pure patronage, it was a political slush fund. Do you really think it costs $20 million to weatherize 13 homes in Seattle? The numbers were just as bad all across the country. That money went into someone's pockets, you can bet they were the friends and allies of the party in power and even some Republicans probably because have they investigated this at all? Not that I've heard.

The government can't fix potholes because they are not important enough, you are not important enough, to get on their radar because you can't scratch their back. How much of that first stimulus slush fund is making its way back into the coffers of the Democrats? Barack Obama himself said he'll raise a BILLION dollars for re-election, who knows about the party itself, there aren't as many limits on "soft" money.

The big government gives millions annually in grants to left-wing Pacifica Radio, tens of millions to George Soros' Open Society Institute-a billionaire by the way. The government bankrolls General Electric to the tune of billions a year, now why can't a big profitable corporation pay taxes instead of get handouts of your money? Oh excuse me, your money and your childrens future income. General Motors cost us how many billions, fifty? Plus they get out of paying taxes for a decade or so? Democrats rail against the rich who supposedly don't pay their "fair share" yet they hand out your cash to the same kind of people.

Is Pacifica Radio, GM, GE, ADM, Planned Parenthood or anything else they subsidize part of the government? No, they are not. The federal government should be funding the federal government. That is all it should be funding. If they did this, they just might have some money left to build some public roads and fill in some pot holes. Maybe the government shouldn't be spending millions to help profitable corporations like McDonalds advertise overseas with the Market Promotion Program? These companies can afford it themselves.

Down to your state level. Texas. Your state has spent nearly $7 billion building up wind power and this past summer they found out that wind doesn't blow in Texas when the hottest days arrive. The amount of power generated on the hottest days was almost nil. With coal power plants being shut down now, you can truly expect blackouts next summer. Thank you big government stupidity. For half the price you could have built natural gas power plants, lots of that in Texas, you could have had reliable energy when its needed most. Then you could spend the rest fixing pot holes.

How much money does your state and even your city of Houston spend every year taking care of illegal aliens? How many idiotic ethnic community centers, gay libraries and other crapola do your tax dollars support that could have benefitted everyone by fixing pot holes? How many local government bureaucrats are sitting there and do nothing productive when they could grab a shovel and fill in those pot holes?

Finally, let me break it down to you. You and your pot holes are unimportant. You are the least important part of the big government-liberal agenda. You are collateral damage, you are the cracked eggs for the omelet. Sorry, your plight is simply not important enough for them to be bothered with. The left tells us we cannot compare the millions murdered by Hitler because he was mean to the millions killed by the Soviet Union, because they had "good intentions". So those people who were slaughtered, mass graves, oppressed, sent to gulags, starved to death; those are just collateral damage, broken eggs for the omelet.

We all know how that turned out, of course, but it'll be better this time, because they'll do it right this time. As for you and your potholes, see the big picture comrade!

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