Sunday, September 25, 2011


Rick Perry not only disagrees with common sense conservatives on immigration, he uses leftwing attacks on them. In two different debates he has called us "heartless" and even said we don't like immigrants because their last names sound different. In other words we are "racists". Not surprisingly all signs point to the groundswell of support he had been enjoying being in total freefall. He lobbied and outspent the field to win the Florida straw poll and even lambasted other candidates for not showing up. He didn't even come close to winning, with less than half the support of Herman Cain.

So those who tell us this is a two-man between liberal Romney and whatever he is Perry (pretty much the RINOstablishment) have it all wrong. Romney does not seem to benefit from the Perry implosion. The voters who are abandoning Perry don't like Romney either and they want something better in their candidate. So unless Sarah Palin enters the race these heartless racists, it appears, will support the black man Herman Cain.

This was not "one mistake" by Perry as some of his hard core supporters are trying to justify themselves, this is part and parcel of who Rick Perry is. No serious politician would have struck out and smacked the people whose votes they seek this way unless it came from their heart. Perry really believes that the illegal children of illegals (they weren't born here) are more deserving of discounted tuition than hard working Americans from other states. We are also told this costs taxpayers nothing, although the difference from full-freight and discount rates are certainly covered by someone.

Rick Perry is his own worst enemy. He isn't good at debating, he has had little experience with debates while running for Governor twice, about 4 debates total, including the primaries. He ideas on parents rights, property rights and illegals are from the mainstream in the conservative movement. When Perry says he is for "states rights" he seems to means the state, not the individual will have those rights.

Attacking and name-calling the core conservative base of the Republican Party was a bonehead move and the Perry collapse will likely continue.

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