Saturday, November 5, 2011

Headlines without a story

Forget this, we're still waiting for any kind of story to be attached to one of the headlines. The Politico website alone has had more than 90 articles on the "Cain scandal" (10,000+ Google returns) and yet refuses to inform its readers exactly what was "scandalous". Are we supposed to just take the media's word that something terrible, horrible no-good happened to an unnamed woman because they said so?

Forget that. The time for trusting the media is long past. The MSM is nothing less than the propaganda arm of the vast leftwing conspiracy and it is joined at the hip to the Democrat Party. It has led the top of the news, even local newscasts across the country for more than a week now and yet nobody knows what exactly Herman Cain is being accused of doing.

Is this what passes for journalism?

At one point, after a few thousand headlines and news reports, the media informs us that the woman demands that the confideniality clause be waived so she can 'tell her side of the story". As if this whole onslaught has come solely from Herman Cain's side of the story. Well the National Restaurant Association has agreed to waive the confidentiality clause but the anonymous accuser has changed her mind apparently. Heck, tell us what happened in a text message and leave the name out, something.

How many thousands of breathless reports on this "scandal" can there be without the scandal? I guess only time will tell.

Meanwhile the liberal propaganda machine is getting a bit upset that it hasn't had the impact they had hoped. Herman Cain's polling numbers and fundraising has increased. The Washington Post published a bitter, satirical article which underscores how upset they are that this has not sunk the Cain campaign.

This is the same media that pretty much ignores every Democrat sex scandal from Bill Clinton, Ted Kennedy, Ted Kennedy & Chris Dodd and Barney Frank and on into infinity.

The longer it takes to actually put a story with these 10,000+ of headlines (not to mention TV reports), the more it looks like there isn't a story. The MSM will now move on to report on how Republicans don't to seem to care about it. You might notice the lack of details doesn't bother the reporters and press, it just allows them to make everything up. It's a blank canvas they can propagandize on to their audiences. They'd rather not have to report the overblown details because then this story would end. Can't have that.

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