Sunday, October 23, 2011

A good man, a bad plan

I like Herman Cain

I think Cain is the best candidate in the race for the nomination.

I do see that he is inexperienced with politics and he can talk too much when asked a simple question. The "journalists" will let him ramble, he'll say something sooner or later than can be twisted and taken out of context. That is what leftist journalists do to conservatives.

His 999/909 plan is stupid though and his "opportunity zones" is un-American as far as I am concerned, I will explain that.

First, let me restate, I like Herman Cain. I think I was the first one to use the slogan "Cain Vs Unable", for instance.

Let me explain why I don't like the tax plan he put forward.

Somebody call 999!

This plan requires the creation of a brand new tax, a national sales tax. This will give the federal government yet another revenue stream to tap into. As a conservative that alone bugs me to no end. Plus he says the plan is "revenue neutral", which is not a positive if you ask me, the government takes far too much money out of the economy as it is.

A simple flat tax would be preferable. Would President Cain sign a true flat tax should it pass Congress? I think so.

Opportunity Zone comes knocking

Why should the federal government give special regulatory breaks to "zones"? If it good enough to help depressed areas, then it is good to help the whole freaking country! If he proposed eliminating harmful regulations permanently for the entire country we could see the economy boom. Why propose a plan that would simply encourage your job to be moved to places like Detroit? Pretty much because that is where the African-Americans are, this is known as "pandering". If you want to pander for votes, pander to the whole country!

Who will decide where "zones" will be? A new bureaucracy.

Who decides the criteria? Who will process the applications from cities and states wanting to be declared or keep their status as "zones"? Will they have to fall on their knees before the federal emperor? A new bureaucracy.

Why is Herman Cain, a conservative, proposing a new federal bureaucracy that will literally enforce discriminatory regulatory policies??

If his idea is good enough for Detroit, then it is good enough for every single square inch of this country!

I still like Herman Cain, though.

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