Thursday, May 6, 2010

Times Square Bomber: MSM blames Bush

If it were not so pathetic it would actually be funny to see the media scramble to explain away the motives of a Muslim terrorist attempting to explode a bomb in New York City. They have already told us that they were disappointed it turned out to be a Pakistani Muslim instead of a "white male in his 40's" as they tried to have us believe all weekend.

Today they even go farther down this dhimmi road by blaming it all on his financial problems. Maybe if he hadn't quit his job he wouldn't have had such money problems? Then again, maybe he needed the extra time to prepare his bombing.

The New York Times published a loving portrait of the life of the terror bomber, just leaving out his radical religious views and stuff. They want the readers to think he was just another normal guy turned to violence by the Bush recession.

No really!

This is an amazing article on so many levels. It shows the lengths that the left will go through to explain away terrorism. They want to blame it on anything but Islamic radicalism, there has to be a white man in there somewhere, BUSH!!

The recession has hit everyone and I don't see millions of Americans out there planting bombs. Do you? Of course not, the key ingredient here is not the recession but the Islam. Bombings are a daily thing in some parts of the world, places like Pakistan.

The New York Times is a pathetic excuse for a newspaper and has been for decades, does anyone really trust it for straight news anymore?

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