Wednesday, May 12, 2010

MSM must all be racists

The state of Arizona has passed a new law that is bound to be popular with the average America while making leftists and their media wild-eyed furious. The new law bans classes in public school that advocate hatred for a race or class of people, advocate overthrowing the government or is designed primarily for students of a particular race or ethnic group.

They did not ban all ethnic studies program, only those meeting the above crtieria.

Then again the "Main Stream Media", you know them they call themselves the "real journalists" and they are special because they have "gate keepers" to keep out crazy stuff and misinformation. (haha)

Well that MSM has decided that it does indeed ban all ethnic studies courses because, dang it, they can't figure out what else those classes would do besides engender hatred for white people, rich people and advocate overthrowing the government.

Apparently they simply think that is what "ethnic studies" is suppose to do.

No, but that's not racist at all. Right?


  1. The MSM sucks and are slowly being rejected by Americans for their radical leftist views and self-loathing if they are white. Well, America will get back on track. We've had enough. Goodbye Obummer and his filthy mouthed administration. I will gladly kick your ass on the way out. Bring some sanity BACK to America.....we will fight for it!!

  2. I also can hardly wait for the media to go away into the lovely world of bankruptcy.