Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Gotta find a white Christian terrorist...

Well, four of the Hutaree "militia" members have been freed after an incredible lack of evidence was rejected by a federal judge. (Judge's decision) The government appealed the bail and now it seems they still can't prove that these people are any sort of danger at all.

Burning a UN flag is hardly "seditious", and that charge coming from a government that approves the burning of the US flag is ludicrous in the extreme. This was all about creating news. This was all about deflecting attention from Muslim terrorists in the mind of the news viewers.

The arrests also were well timed to coincide with TEA Party events with the idea that they would be linked somehow in peoples minds. Eric Holder won't even say the words "Islamic Terrorism" but they go out of their way to call TEA Partiers "terrorists" and "Un-American".

So, do I believe the Hutaree arrests were purely politics? You bet I do.

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