Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Lone White Male Syndrome affects media, left

After days of liberals trying to link the failed NY Times Square bomber to "white" America, a Pakistani immigrant is arrested in the case. Tens of millions Americans saw on their TV their local and national newscasters describing the suspect as a "white man in his 40's" based on a grainy, short video clip.

You had Bob Beckel and Mayor Bloomberg and all the nuts at the Democrat Underground and other websites cheering on the hunt for the suspect white TEA partier. Anyone who suggested it could be a Muslim Jihadi was quickly dismissed as crazy.

Of course they were wrong. They are leftists, they are nearly always wrong.

It turns out a Pakistani immigrant, given citizenship through our lenient laws (hear that Mexico? It's easy to get citizenship!) apparently a registered Democrat to boot. Instead of it being a lone nut, it turns out the suspect was connected to an international plot of Al Qeada and had even been to a terror training camp.

That is all good, that he was arrested, and funny, that liberals keep lying to themselves and saying these things out loud.

What is not good or funny is that our government wanted the same thing, they wanted to pin this on whitey. If this man had blown himself up and taken out a bunch of bystanders the federal government would have sent SWAT teams into trailer parks and suburbs all over America.

Case in point; the "Hutaree Militia". They had no evidence whatsoever and the Clinton-appointed judge let them out on bail. This is what we can expect to see in the future of this government. UPDATE: The government prosecutors have gotten a judge to put their release on hold pending a decision on an appeal of the bail decision.

Now many in the left media are feeling sorry, not they have maligned an innocent group of people, but because they are sorry it was a Muslim. Like MSNBC's Contessa Brewer. Or CNN wondering if maybe just maybe the attempted car bomber was upset over the loss of his house.

How much sympathy can these leftists have for the devil anyway?

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