Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Truth or Dare (shutting down California)

California Assembly member Alberto Toricco has had a flash of genius, if only very briefly. His idea to have the Democrat-controlled state legislature shut down the California government is oh so original (snicker). Torrico knows very well that the compliant leftist media will do their bidding and try to pin the blame on Republicans.

So to get this out of the way let us be very clear, the GOP does not have the power to shut down the California government.

State Senate: 25 Democrats, 13 Republicans, 2 vacant.
State Assembly: 49 Democrats, 29 Republicans, 1 Independent and 1 vacancy.

In other words, the Democrat Party has complete control of the state legislature and there is nothing the Republican Party can do about it. The Republicans cannot shut down the government even if they wanted to, even if they took hostages.

The only nominal Republican with any power is the Governator and he has not governed as a conservative. The state of California can not seriously think it can raise taxes when it has already driven businesses and jobs out of the state as it is. The Captain America film will be made in London? London?

Doing business in California is not economical.

The only choice is to cut spending and the Democrats have been unwilling to do that. The state is on a collision course with reality and trying to use political fear-mongering is asinine. The GOP is not the bad guy here, the trainwreck ahead was not caused by the minority party.

Of course Alberto Torrico knows that the leftist media will do everything they can to help spread the meme that the GOP is at fault if the Democrats allow the state government to shut down. All the Democrat majority has to do is precisely nothing to allow the fiscal crash to happen. Alberto Torrico also knows that the sheeple of California are more than willing to fall for such shenanigans.

The problem of course is reality, not Republicans. Trying to avoid reality and attempting to stick it to Republicans is the last thing the state of California needs at this time. The Democrat majority must get on with writing a budget that is in line with reality, anything else is criminal.

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