Friday, June 19, 2009

Ignorance opens its mouth at FR

A leftwing idiot opens its smelly maw at a website called Free Republic, the smell is on this thread starting at post #14!

Tomorrow’s events will probably bring bloodshed

Yes, the mad mullahs know Barack won't lift a finger to even speak out.

, so, get your political axe out. We know you’ll blame Obama for the deaths.

His lack of resolve has emboldened the mad mullahs. Thats plain as day.

Unfortunately your political attacks will eventually backfire.

The truth is a political attack in ObamaLand?

Cowboy diplomacy does not work

Yes, the largest coalition in world history is 'going it alone'. Where is Obama's coalition? Where is Obama's leadership? Sitting on the fence and seeing who wins before speaking is not leadership, its craven.

In fact, many of you sound really tough on this site but I’m sure in real life you are a bunch of pussies.

want my address?

Acting tough and being tough are 2 different things. In my neighborhood the toughest guys were always quiet and reserved, so as to not show their hand

LOL. I am the nicest, quitest guy on Earth.

The biggest punks were always the loudest. So, keep yelling GOP, it says a lot.

I am not a member of the GOP. Thats a spineless wussy stoopid party.

When this economy bounces back, it will be the end of the GOP.

No, it won't. Higher taxes, strict government regulation, uncertainty on basic things like contract law and theft of investments by government thugs are not conducive to investing and economic growth. A child can figure that out.

It’s the reason you want PBO to fail

I want him to fail because he wants to lower the standard of living in this country and take away our freedoms.

He will not, mark my words. See you in 2012, the pain will be great, for you guys.

Of that I have no doubt. I am sure the Black Panthers and ACORN will be at every polling place with billy clubs and the votes won't be counted. I am sure the government violence from the Civilian Army brown shirts will be in full swing.
You are a fascist.


  1. That sounds more like some moonbat at DU than anyone at FR.

  2. I have been a member of FR since geez....2001 or maybe 2002 but it was always a bit too 'structured' for me. A bit too lock step if you will. I always preferred the more open forums like CU. This will crack you up but my first political forum was DU. I sure didnt last long there, lol.

    FYI each time I try and post a comment here it bombs the first time saying 'Your request could not be processed. Please try again'.

  3. Been a member of CC since day 1. My forum name is DarkHalo.