Saturday, June 20, 2009

Can we meddle yet?

The Iranian people are pleading with the whole world to support their plight for real democracy but also for real liberty. Leaders from the around the world have made it clear they stand with the demonstrators. Leftist icons Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro have taken the side of the Mullahs, of course.

Obama hasn't taken a side.

The reason the signs and banners in Iran are in English. The reason the pleading is done, often, in English is because the US could change things with just words. President Obama doesn't give them those words.

Barack Obama's weaseling let the tyrants know they had a green light to be as brutal as they needed to be. Ronald Reagan said "Tear down this wall", Barak Obama says "Could you beat fewer people?"

The Iran hostages were freed when Reagan was to become President, they knew what kind of man he was. The Iranian tyrants also see what kind of weasel Obama is.

The world, the vast majority of it, stands with the people of Iran. President Obama has had 9 days and he is still thinking it over. He had time to be on Conan and to cook with Bobby Flay but he still hasn't given that inspiring speech that will bring the Mullahs to an understanding to end their brutal ways, ASAP.

A real leader of the free world could do that. The Iranian people needed that, they thought they could depend on the US for that. Meanwhile Obama's 2010 budget proposal calls for ending the pro-freedom radio broadcasts into Iran.

Not taking sides is the side of the status quo. Thats blood on the streets and bullets in heads and billyclubs flying. Gee, thanks Mr. President.


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