Saturday, January 16, 2010

Atrocity of Hope

Last year the American people were robbed to "bail out the banks" and this year El Jeffe Obama has decided to tax the banks (people who use them) to "pay it back". So we, the people, get robbed twice under this scheme.

Who benefits?

Well obviously Obama is benefitting by trying to be the man who "saved" the banks and now the man who is "getting our money back" from the robber barons. It is all a put-up job, of course, do Americans really believe this crap?

The UAW benefitted, they basically own GM and Chrysler after the government shafted the shareholders. They also get exempted from paying it back and now they get exempted from the new healthcare tax until 2018.

Blatant political favoritism is an ugly thing.

Using the power of government to benefit friends and allies so openly while proclaiming to be doing a favor to those of us who end up paying for it, is audacious all right, its also atrocious. This is thug behavior, something we would expect from Hugo Chavez, the midget in North Korea or Castro in Cuba. This is not what we expect from our own government.

I guess that is the change they promised us.

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