Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Venezuela devaluation, followed by electricity rationing-in an energy rich country, followed by troops being sent to quell rising prices. Who knew that 10 or 11 years of socialist mismanagent could produce such shoddy results?

Ok, a better question is who didn't know?

So what happens when you slash the value of the currency in half? Obviously prices must rise to compensate, any idiot can figure that out. Except maybe Hugo Chavez who sends military troops to sieze stores that do what has to be done by any logic.

Let us follow this to its extreme but logical conclusion. How long will it be before the only stores left are those owned by government and its minions? Where people stand in lines and hope there is 2-day old bread when they get there. Where the items on the shelf could change without notice, where new shipments of goods are unpredictable.

We know what happens. El Dictator gets on TV and shouts that the Capitalist American pigs have stolen their food, their electricity, their water, their freedoms.... blah blah blah

Of course it was their own government and the morons in charge of it that caused it all.

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