Monday, January 11, 2010

Various Thoughts and Brain Farts

Bank it!

So Lord eVader, Obama, is considering a levy on banks to help subsidize badly run banks that are in danger of failing. Of course this means we will have to pay to prop up businesses that should be allowed to fail. The banking industry is improved when the bad banks go away and better banks pick up the slack, some sort of bank welfare is a bad thing.


What kind of third world country would you expect to see people terrified to testify in a civil trial for fear that they and their families will be targeted? What kind of people would make death threats and make public the addresses of their "enemies" in an obvious move intending to cause terror?

That third world country is called California and the issue is the prop. 8 trial in which a court will likely, once again, overturn the will of the people. This is what usually happens in California when the will of the people conflict with those of the powers-that-be.

Then again it has also become a common practice in some states for newspapers to print the names and other information of everyone with a license to own/carry a gun. The DoJ doesn't even think of investigating the New Black Panthers guarding polling places while holding billy clubs.

Yes, this country is on a downward spiral into third world territory.

Land of Eng, a farcical territory

The headlines this week out of the UK has been extraordinary. Just a sampling of them should tell us how far down the crapper that country has gone.

Girls as young as 9 found to be forced into arranged marriages (guess the religion)

Boys as young as 10 brainwashed into wanting to be suicide bombers (guess the religion)

A woman who scared off 3 intruders by waving a knife from the kitchen window has been warned that she could be charged with a crime.

The case of the two Hussain brothers defending their family with a baseball bat sees them sentenced to 30 and 39 months in prison. These were knife-weilding intruders who had tied up the family and threatened to kill them. The real criminals got about 24 months. No doubt the violent home invaders were the key witnesses against the Hussain brothers.

Once upon a time Britain was Great.

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