Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Toward Amnesty?

Representative Barney Frank seemed to rule out political shenanigans to get "health care reform" passed before Sen. Scott Brown can be seated. This could be a death knell for the current efforts to pass a big government healthcare plan, if he sticks to the statement.

Then what is their to do?

It is very likely we will see an effort to legalize millions and millions of illegal aliens in time for them to vote Democrat, suck up our entitlement dollars and whatnot. They can get GOP votes for amnesty, John McCain for example.

Are you ready for another bloodbath?

Are you ready to march in the streets again?

Everyone seems to think the big momentum is with the Republicans but putting amnesty up for debate this year could halt that dead in its tracks. The people of this country and Republicans especially rejected the attempt to give amnesty to millions and millions of illegal aliens when George W Bush was President.

There are probably some Democrat strategists who remember that. Even if it does not have a chance to pass it could divide the GOP and blunt their gains this November.


  1. Revolution is Brewing...the left is getting real angry. They don't take defeat very well.

  2. I think there are people worried that the far far left is disenchanted with Obama and might think they need a martyr to get things done. We all know George Soros' history when it comes to funding violence.