Friday, January 22, 2010

Headlines and news of the day

Just looking through the headlines for this sunny morning here in Texas...

Air America Radio finally taken off the life support: Nobody hardest hit. Its not like they had any listeners, they never had much of an audience at all even in their "heyday".

Mayors tell Obama that stimulus isn't working for cities. Well they could have left those last two words off completely. Very unnecessary. The stimulus program was not suppose to help anyone but politicians and their friends and cronies. When stimulus spends $2 million to weatherize 7 houses in Texas, you gotta wonder where 90% of the money really went.

ABC's blog says that workers in Lorain Ohio want the President to focus more on "jobs", Obama visited the place nearly 2 years ago it says. Well lets see, there was the so-called stimulus and then there were the "jobs summits" and everything still got worse. Maybe the workers in Lorain Ohio need to consider how jobs are actually created in the real world?

Jobs are created with capital accumulation and investment, real investment not government debt spending, and those are the two things we are seeing being attacked and savaged by this government. Bloomberg now says 77% of investors see this administration as anti-business.

Do you think attacking and taxing banks and massive debt spending is going to make it easier to accumulate capital and gather investments? How much of bank assets are now in government bonds instead of making loans? What happens if the government freezes out so much investment that farmers can't even get a loan to buy seed?

Maybe someone should have listened to them during the campaign when they railed against "middle class-ism". They were attacking the 'American Dream', he and Michele both wanted to bring an end to the American dream and to do that they would need to do what? They would have to make this country poorer.

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