Wednesday, January 27, 2010

State of the Arrogance - Ban the 1st Amendment?

Present "I, Me, My" Obama gave a horrible State of the Obama speech tonight where he said he better than us little people and we should know what is good for us. This is a very common view in Washington DC where fumes from the swamp poison the water.

Tonight, though, a sitting President has slammed the Supreme Court of the United States with his baseless lies. The SCOTUS recently ruled that the President cannot ban books and films (& more) because they contain political content, even if they were funded by "corporations".

That is right. The case was not about corporate funding of campaigns, that was just a side show to whether or not the first Amendment applied to anything but individuals. Should the media have freedom of speech? Should bloggers? Should a church? Can the government ban you from writing a book if you mention the name of a candidate in a negative way?

You must remember that a "corporation" can be non-profits, churches, community groups in addition to for-profit businesses. Indeed, the First Amendment also protects our right to assemble (even into a corporation) and this freedom of association would also be in jeopardy if the SCOTUS has ruled any other way. Imagine your grassroots association being denied the power to make its voice heard.

Imagine if Dear Reader PromTus decided to ban a book by Sean Hannity from lets say Doubleday, on the grounds that Doubleday is a corporation. It is a power that could easily be used to smite dissidents against his rule.

So, as the O sends his toga to the cleaners and luxuriates in his Roman bath and eats his wagyu steak at $135 a pound, he has decided that we -the people- should not be able to think for ourselves. He is the center of his own universe and he believes it should bend to his will.

He even believes the Supreme Court should obey him. He even thinks it should help him to nullify the First Amendment in the Bill of Rights!


  1. We must not forget that the Bill of Rights were the direct consequence of the Anti-Federalist movement lead by Patrick Henry. Thus, I shall take the first amendment to mean what it says, "Congress shall make no law ... abridging the freedom of speech".

    Knowing that Patrick Henry was in favor of a modification to the Articles of Confederation over the United States Constitution, I think it is quite clear what Patrick Henry's opinion would be on campaign finance reform in regards to the first amendment. There is a reason why he yelled, "Give me liberty or give me death".

  2. We have invested far too much power in Washington and its time to reduce it. It has gotten to the point where they want to override the First Amendment.