Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Stability Police Force/Internal Population Control?

With the President giving free reign to INTERPOL in the United States this country has taken a step toward 3rd world dictatorial status. INTERPOL is not some benign entity that simply helps track down wanted criminals, they are a tool of tyrants around the world. They are mulling a request from Iran to issue "red notices" on 25 Israeli's who help defend Israel from terrorist attacks from Gaza.

Just imagine that INTERPOL could now arrest those Israeli's inside the United States at the behest of Iran for defending their own country from terrorism. Local police departments will have no power to challenge INTERPOL, they'll just watch I suppose. Suppose they start dragging Americans away to face political show trials at the Hague?

Now imagine what the use of a National Council of Governors would be. The only thing I can think of is to help the White House form and operate its Internal Security Force, what would be known commonly as a Secret Police. The RAND CORP has already released a "study" on how the government should set up such a thing.


One of the things they would do is to "Shape the environment before a conflict". What does that mean you might wonder?

Let us suppose that the tyrant, I mean President, believes some opposition rally in Sometown USA might descend into violence or even rebellion, or just wants to cause one for his own reasons. The Stability Police Force could go in and arrest and detain the leaders of this area's opposition, shut down cell phone, internet and radio and have troops in place to deal with the opposition should a rally occur.

The SPF would help cause a disturbance that could then be politically useful to the powers-that-be. I have no doubt that the RAND CORP suggestion is already being implemented as we chat about it.

That is why this blog exists, to chronicle the decline of the United States into 3rd world tyranny.

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