Thursday, December 9, 2010

Petty and Childish Comrade Thorazine

The administrator of the ConservativeCave discussion forum (to be remembered as a gay commie kiddie beastiality porn site) is a baby. This petty, whiny baby cannot admit that he is wrong, he'd rather keep digging. This person whom we will call Thorazine should grow up already.

When you ban a prolific poster who was the least offensive member, you don't follow-up by telling lies about them. You don't come back later and pretended you gave them a warning or a 'time out' when you didn't.

So now, Comrade Thorazine, you are airbrushing me out of the website altogether? So my handle is gone for good?

You have issues buddy. You should have just stayed silent and not made things up after banning me. Just admit you did it and stop trying to rewrite history.

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